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Elevated Energy Is Well Within Your Reach

Meet Chanel

Chanel Spellman-Timmons (she/her) is a born and raised Oakland, California wordsmith, poet, author, teacher, instructional mentor, facilitator of elevated learning experiences, vibe coach, travel advisor, podcaster, wife, best friend and extremely proud pawrent of the sweetest furbaby.  

Her home-grown subversiveness and activism speaks loudly through her creative artistry and the bold ways in which she has approached 15+ years working in education, six years facilitating one on one and small group coaching, while also remembering to take sacred time to elevate her own and loved ones auras through healing energy work.

Chanel believes that authenticity, transparent communication and a commitment to radical self-awareness and emotional wisdom is the infrastructure of all healthy and thriving relationships, including her own ongoing 18 year love story with her life partner, Causha Spellman-Timmons. Chanel strives to elevate this infrastructure in all energy she exchanges.


What I Specialize In

Designing custom energy healing jewelry for elevated wellness

Planning mindful travel excursions for Black & LGBTQIA folk

Creating and facilitating responsive 

learning and developmental

 experiences for educators 

Vibe & life coaching for individuals, couples and polycules*

*Couples & polycule coaching sessions may be booked with both Chanel and Causha Spellman- Timmons

Sliding scale website design, editorial services, and creative feedback for writers of color

Moving Towards Wellness Begins by Speaking and Accepting Your Own Multiple Truths. 

When You're Ready to Journey Back to Your Whole Self, Start Here. 

“Not to sound simplistic, but the best way to describe working with Chanel would be comfortable. Nothing she asked felt invasive even though my story is a shit show & rather embarrassing, but I never felt judgement. She urged the conversation along to help me take a better look at myself so I could make firm decisions.”

- Coaching client

"Chanel's energy got me! Her tone and presence made me feel safe and comfortable. I hadn't realized what a vulnerable process it can be to talk about the difficulties of my professional life, and Chanel provided a safe and comfortable environment for me to start thinking and processing through it. I also really enjoyed her questions. They gave me an opportunity to pause and reflect on things from a fresh perspective and struck a lovely balance between professional and personal. I really enjoyed our session!"

- Coaching client

"I searched the site for the perfect elevated energy bracelet and when it spoke to me, it spoke. I absolutely love my bracelet! Shipping was fast and packaging was lovely. Will definitely be on the hunt for more."

- Danielle Renee

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