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Oh hey, hi...

You're here. Which means you probably already know a thing or 3 about me. Feel free to reach out for confirmation or my complete denial of what you may or may not know ;)

But for a small yet tasty sampling of who I am, here are five facts about me:  ​

  • I am a Black, queer, femme of center, monogamish woman. 

  • I have no desire to perpetuate the idolization of non-stop hustle culture so if you're looking for an exhaustive laundry list of things I'm doing or have done in the name of capitalism and academia over the past 18  

  • No is one of my favorite words to use for the sake of boundaries, rest and sanity.

  • If you talk to me long enough I will eventually ask you at least one question that might blow your mind. 

  • I believe ancestral guidance is the way home. 

I would love for you to check out the ways you and I can work together and then go wander around my blog to unpack who, what, and why I am who I am. 

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